Sunday, 27 March 2011

♥ PrIm RaGgEdY AnNiE ~ YuMmY iCe CrEaM ♥

♥ PrIm RaGgEdY AnNiE ~ YuMmY iCe CrEaM ♥ This is today's Annie from that I just put on eBay. In my haste to make the ice cream AND take the photos myself (badly), I forgot to blush her little cheeks, doh. My partner usually takes the photos with his posh camera but was busy doing something else so I grabbed a less complex camera and took the photos myself. Listed her then decided to make an ice cream. Rushed to sewing room, found suitable fabrics and then made, stuffed and tea stained the ice cream cone. Out came happy snappy and I photographed the still damp cone. Then I had to upload the photo to the hosting service and quickly revise my listing. She will get the blusher if she sells as am not sure I can go through the photo trauma again, lol

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