Sunday, 27 March 2011

♥ PrIm RaGgEdY AnNiE ~ YuMmY iCe CrEaM ♥

♥ PrIm RaGgEdY AnNiE ~ YuMmY iCe CrEaM ♥ This is today's Annie from that I just put on eBay. In my haste to make the ice cream AND take the photos myself (badly), I forgot to blush her little cheeks, doh. My partner usually takes the photos with his posh camera but was busy doing something else so I grabbed a less complex camera and took the photos myself. Listed her then decided to make an ice cream. Rushed to sewing room, found suitable fabrics and then made, stuffed and tea stained the ice cream cone. Out came happy snappy and I photographed the still damp cone. Then I had to upload the photo to the hosting service and quickly revise my listing. She will get the blusher if she sells as am not sure I can go through the photo trauma again, lol

SuNnY SuNdAy

Had a late start today ..... then went to the gym for my usual weekly punishment, lol. No matter how many times I go I still hate the place and if it wasn't for the fact that I have weight to lose, I'd never go there otherwise. I'd never be one of these people that exercise for fun  !!
Pottering round this morning, trying to finish my bunnies but not sure if I'll put them on eBay this week. I have a doll to go on and may put bunnies on next week. May even make some calico Easter eggs as they'll be a quick and easy thing to do one night next week and will be nice to send out with the bunnies.
The sun is shining here and it's nice outside. Saying that, am ignoring the garden and am only looking at it on my way up it to hang out washing. The garden is huge and will be our project later this year, although I have to say my other half has much more enthusiasm than I do for gardening. We've only lived here a year and had other priorities inside the house to complete so the garden got left to its own devices. Next year hopefully the garden will be full of Spring flowers and some blossom trees....oh for a magic wand or a gardener, lol

Saturday, 26 March 2011

It'S ThE wEeKeNd !

Am back after a week long work trip to Hong Kong. I love it there so it's always a pleasure to visit. My job is in the retail industry and the company I work for sells everything from baby clothes to sofas !
Time to get an Annie ready for eBay. The latest one just needs a touch of blusher and she'll be ready for her appearance on Sunday. I'm also working on some bunnies and am thinking about making mohair jointed bears again. I made some last year and they can be quite a challenge, especially if it's a mini one. The seams are all hand sewn and it whiles away an evening sat in front of  the TV.
I bought some new pastels yesterday and can't wait to us them on my dolls, not sure how different they'll be from paints or pencils so will conduct a few experiments first before I ruin something ! It wouldn't be the first time an Annie has needed a head transplant, lol.

Monday, 21 March 2011

AnNiEs GaLoRe !!!!

Here are photos of my latest Annies.....hope you like them. Patterns are by my favourite Doll Maker, Maureen Mills of Sweet Meadows Farm

I love to experiment with different techniques for faces and hair and have discovered the painful art of felting hair. Have broken many needles so far but am determined to get better at it ! I like to make the faces with paints, pastels or watercolours and can never get tired or bored from making Annies. I buy all the dress fabric from the States and spend many a happy hour in my sewing room surrounded by my fabric stash. If I live to be 100 I'll never get through it all, but still I keep buying it. I guess I'm a natural hoarder. I have to sell them all of course or my little house would be over run with them, lol. I have a couple of local shops interetsed in selling them and would be delighted to hear from anyone else who might have a home for my girls !!!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

♥ pRiM LiTtLe RaGgEdY AnN ♥ on eBay (end time 13-Mar-11 19:10:57 GMT)

♥ pRiM LiTtLe RaGgEdY AnN ♥ on eBay (end time 13-Mar-11 19:10:57 GMT)

This is a little Annie doll I made using a pattern from Sweet Meadows Farm

Pictures could have been a little better but I was in a hurry to list her and used my BlackBerry! Other half stepped in yesterday and took some with his "real" camera and we added them last night.

I make Annies in my spare time and love it. I buy most of my fabrics from the US and have a little stash of vintage laces and buttons to use on my dolls.

My dolls have travelled all over the world and found homes as far away as Australia.