Saturday, 26 March 2011

It'S ThE wEeKeNd !

Am back after a week long work trip to Hong Kong. I love it there so it's always a pleasure to visit. My job is in the retail industry and the company I work for sells everything from baby clothes to sofas !
Time to get an Annie ready for eBay. The latest one just needs a touch of blusher and she'll be ready for her appearance on Sunday. I'm also working on some bunnies and am thinking about making mohair jointed bears again. I made some last year and they can be quite a challenge, especially if it's a mini one. The seams are all hand sewn and it whiles away an evening sat in front of  the TV.
I bought some new pastels yesterday and can't wait to us them on my dolls, not sure how different they'll be from paints or pencils so will conduct a few experiments first before I ruin something ! It wouldn't be the first time an Annie has needed a head transplant, lol.

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