Friday, 31 August 2012

Back to basics

I've finally motivated myself and finished off most of my dolls, bunnies and Ellies. I listed a few on Ebay and 2 on Etsy. Will see what happens. I don't know what's been wrong these last few months. I had no enthusiasm for crafts and rarely visited my sewing room. Hoping that with the imminent change of season that I will shake off the apathy and get back to doing the things I love.
On a separate note I just got back from a week in Cornwall. Some of you may already know that my Mum lives there. We stayed in a caravan in a place called Praa Sands. It was truly beautiful. We were 300 yards from the sea and could hear it when we went to sleep at night. I got up very early on a couple of mornings and went for a walk on the beach, it was amazing. I'd love to live in Cornwall one day so am setting my sights on achieving that objective within the next couple of years. It was great to see my Mum too and we had a lot of days out and saw places she hadn't visited, despite her having lived there for 13 years !
Will be back soon with new Autumn and Halloween goodies
Jill x