Monday, 4 June 2012

PoStCarDs fRom tHe eDgE

Here I am again after a gap of many months. I vowed not to leave it so long between posts and, before I knew it, time had slipped away again and it's June already. Not that you would know that if you were in England today, as it is raining and chilly. Great shame as the Queen's Diamond Jubilee river pageant was today and there were thousands of bedraggled and soaking wet spectators lining the route. I know this not because I was there but because it was on the TV news tonight, lol. I have taken advantage of this 4 day break to try to make some dolls and finish projects off. I made 3 dolls today and they are drying out from the tea staining process before I give them hair, faces and clothing. I didn't use my usual favourite designer this time. Thought I would try something different and will hopefully put some photos on here. Don't hold your breaths though as my track record this year isn't impressive !!

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